The price is right!

The price of admission to a party.

The price of an extra slice of pizza.

The cost of a new car.

The prices of all the other stuff you’d pay for those luxuries.

All those things are more than the price of the ticket to your next party.

And it’s because those luxury prices are so much more than tickets to a concert or a movie theater.

They’re the price to live, work and play in this country.

It’s the price for everything else we want in our lives.

That’s the reason that when we talk about “the cost of living,” we should not be talking about the cost of our housing.

We should be talking the cost to live.

The cost of getting the basics right.

The price to have the right doctor, the right dentist, the proper insurance plan, the best teachers, the security of a secure pension.

The rent we need to pay.

And the cost that comes with those basic necessities.

We all know this.

And we all know that there are people who think the price tag on a car is more important than what we pay in taxes.

That’s just the way it is.

But what we can’t ignore is the fact that there is a significant price difference between a good job and a great job.

And that’s why we have to be conscious of this fact.

We have to realize that the way we live is really, really, totally different from the way the economy was supposed to be designed in the 1960s and 1970s.

So much so that when the recession hit in 2008, there was no way for people to get back to what they were doing before the crisis.

The way we get our food, our water, our clothing, our medical care, our housing and our healthcare is all going to change dramatically.

But it’s not going to be because we can pay a little more.

It’s going to happen because we’re living a totally different life now.

And that’s because, unlike the rest of the world, we have a functioning financial system, a functioning welfare state and a functioning safety net.

It doesn’t matter what the price is of gas, oil or insurance.

It doesn’t even matter what’s on your credit card.

There are no more excuses for not paying the bills.

It will all come due on September 15.

That is the date on which we will all finally start paying the taxes we owe.

And when that happens, the economy will be in a better place.

It’ll be a lot stronger and we will be a little bit more able to get the things we want.

Because we have this financial system that’s working for us.

And this welfare state that’s actually working for you.

And our safety net, which has always been there, is working for people.

And now it’s going in the right direction.

So when we’re talking about how to get things done, we need all of us to remember this simple truth: The price for living in this nation is very, very high.

We can’t afford to be living in an economy where the cost for living is too high.

It can’t be.

That would be a serious mistake.

And yet, we keep pushing it.

And it’s a mistake that will have a profound impact on our economy and our future.

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