It’s not a question of whether to buy new.

It’s a question about what to buy.

And that’s the key to making smart choices when it comes to lighting.

A recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that LED lightbulbs, even those with the best of intentions, are bad for the environment, especially when they’re produced in a way that can be misused.

According to the report, LED light bulbs are produced using a process called photoluminescence, which creates a “light signature” that is so “bright, luminous, and unnatural that it is difficult to distinguish the real from the illusion.”

The NHTSA said that this phenomenon is also responsible for “unpleasant odors, including smoke, smoke trails, and burnt food and beverage.”

What you’re going to get is a light signature that’s “bright” and “luminous” and not very appealing, the NHTS concluded.

And if the light signature is so bright, the color spectrum is going to be off, and it will appear darker than it actually is.

This means that the lights will turn a deep red, as opposed to the bright orange, green, blue, or red of regular bulbs.

It means they’re going.

It also means that, for the sake of efficiency, you’re not going to want to buy a bulb that is more than five percent green, the report concluded.

The problem with LEDs, which are also known as light emitters, is that they’re made to light up a small area, rather than an entire room.

The more light emitted by a bulb, the more the bulbs can be absorbed by air and the more heat they produce.

This is why a car’s LED lights tend to be quite bright.

But they’re not designed to illuminate entire rooms, and that means they are actually more likely to cause pollution than regular bulbs, according to a recent study.

The results of that study, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show that LEDs are also more polluting than typical bulbs.

In fact, LEDs emitted the highest amount of light per watt (about 0.1 watts) compared to the equivalent of a regular bulb.

This makes them even more of a concern for the planet, since they emit more heat and generate more carbon dioxide emissions than other types of lighting, the study found.

In the study, researchers analyzed data from the National Household Energy Inventory (NHIE), which is a survey of households, which found that the average American used nearly 200,000 hours of LED lights in 2014.

This is nearly double the amount of time it takes to run a typical lightbulb in a typical home.

And the study’s authors say that the reason LEDs are a bigger problem than conventional bulbs is that their brightness can be adjusted to make the light appear “bright,” even though it’s actually dimming or halving in intensity.

The study concluded that this is a major concern.

The researchers analyzed about 2,000 LED bulbs from about 1,000 brands.

They found that many of them had a high light output per watt, but many also had a low light output.

The average light output of the average LED bulb was 1.9 watts, and the average light intensity of the typical LED bulb in the study was just 0.2 watt.

The most common culprits in the data, the researchers concluded, were “lamp switching” and improper design of the LEDs.

The scientists concluded that the main causes of LED light pollution were:LED bulbs tend to use more energy to heat their bulbs than conventional lighting sources, and these heat and light cycles have the potential to make them emit more carbon pollution than other light sources.

The light emitted from LEDs is not just limited to dimmers and lamps.

This also includes the color and white balance of LED bulbs.

A report published by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in February found that more than half of all light bulbs sold in the U.S. had a color or white balance that exceeded the color guidelines set by the U:S.

Environmental Protection Agency.

This led to a petition by the consumer advocacy group Common Sense Lighting, which argued that the FTC’s report was inaccurate.

In the petition, the group noted that the “number of white light emitting devices sold in 2014 exceeded the EPA’s color guidelines for the same category.”

The FTC is currently reviewing the report and said it would respond to the group’s concerns by the end of June.

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