A new SmartHome startup, called Micro Led, is looking to bring IoT into homes and businesses.

It’s a little hard to get excited about the name, but Micro Led is a new startup that claims to be the first to offer smart lighting controls in homes.

The company says its SmartThings Home Connect app can be controlled by anyone who has an iPhone or Android smartphone.

You’ll need a device with the latest version of iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

The app is free to use, and it works with any device with a micro-LED light bulb or an LED hub that has a micro USB port.

Micro Led offers its SmartHome Connect app for free and offers more than 2,000 smart home control options, according to its website.

The app is available for free on the Apple App Store.

The app includes a variety of options, including setting up a wireless hub, turning on a light fixture, and even turning on the TV.

Microled said the app is also compatible with Apple’s HomeKit platform, which makes it easy to connect smart devices and smart lighting.

In the app, you can also set up lights, control lights, set timers, and control your thermostat.

You can also create a Nest thermostats, a Nest light bulb, and a Nest Hue lights bulb.

The smart lights can be programmed to automatically turn on or off depending on what you’re doing, and you can control the lights with the app.

You can also control lights with a phone.

You just need to find the location of the light.

You’ll need to tap a link in the app to turn on the light in the room.

You won’t have to leave the app in the background.

You’ll also need to connect the lights to the hub, and Micro Led says its app supports iOS, OS X, and Windows.

Micro Led was founded in March.

Its CEO, Michael Hirsch, previously worked at Nest, Nest Cam, and Amazon’s Alexa.

He’s also the founder of YayBot, a startup that provides online payment solutions for homeowners.

Micro led’s website includes an app that connects to SmartThings Hub.

There you can download and use the app for home automation, but you’ll need the Hub app for all of Micro Led’s smart home automation options.

You might want to turn the lights off and back on later to control the light fixtures.

Micro led says it offers an array of smart home controls in the SmartThings app, including an Auto Control app, an Auto Switch app, and an Auto Door app.

Micro’s SmartThings home automation features include a range of smart controls that can be used to control lights and appliances.

Micro lead’s Smartthings app is the only app in its platform that offers a full suite of control options for home, garden, and garage automation.

It’s worth noting that some SmartThings devices have the ability to control light fixtures and other devices, but that’s not what Micro Led provides.

Microled is currently accepting inquiries for early adopters of its SmartLights smart lighting system.

The SmartLighters are connected to a range or smart bulbs, and the company says they can be powered by your own power, or the power of a local smart grid.

You don’t need a micro LED to power the SmartLighter.

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