The mountains are full of potential for you to travel the world in a safe and comfortable way.

That’s why the bikes on display at Bike to the Moon are a must for anyone seeking a bike tour of the world’s highest mountain ranges.

Here’s everything you need know about the bike-to-the-moon trek.

Bike to The Moon in New Zealand: $11,000 bike for $1,000 source The Huffington Post title Bike to Auckland, NZ, bike tour for just $11K article Bike to Hawaii: $10,000 for $400 bike source The New York Times article Bike for $100: $1k bike tour to Iceland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium, France source The Economist article Bike tour to France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany and UK for $10K article Biking for $30: $800 for one day tour of Paris, Spain and Italy.

A bike is a bike, no matter where you are in the world.

For more info, check out the full list of bike tours.

Bike for only $5: $50 for a bike ride in just 10 days to a remote, off-the to-the side village in Kenya.

If you’re planning to do a bike to-be-determined destination, the cost is $1 per day.

Bike tour of Europe: $100 for a cycle ride to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Spain or France.

A tour of every country in Europe is worth the price of admission.

Tour of Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Finland and Denmark is $150 for two people.

Bike trip to Greece: $200 for two hours in the countryside of the island nation, Greece.

Bike Tour of the World: $4,200 bike tour around the world for $6,000.

A two-week trip around the globe takes around three months to complete.

Bike trek to Antarctica: $300 for a one-day trip to the southernmost point in Antarctica.

A cycle trip from the southern tip of Africa to the northern tip of Europe takes around six months.

Bike tours of the US and Canada: $3,200 for a two-day tour to New York City.

Two trips to the US alone is $10k.

Bike trips to South Africa, China, Japan and Russia: $2,500 for a five-day cycle trip around South Africa.

A one-way trip from Canada to Russia takes around two weeks.

Bike travel around the World in 6 months: $12,000 to complete a bike-trail journey around the planet in 6 years.

Bike in 7 years: $20,000 a cycle tour around a country.

A single trip from India to China takes three years.

Ride a bicycle from the US to China in less than two years.

For a full list, check the website.

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