President Donald Trump on Wednesday touted the popularity of new LED lighting in a speech at the White House.

The Trump administration is calling for the introduction of new standards for bulb sizes, the number of bulbs and other standards to help consumers find the best bulbs for their lighting needs.

But the lighting industry is already pushing back, arguing that the regulations are too restrictive and will slow the pace of innovation.

The president’s administration wants to make LED bulbs available in all 50 states by 2020, according to a statement released Wednesday.

“We’ve seen an explosion of LED bulbs over the past decade, and they’ve grown in popularity faster than any other consumer lighting product,” said Andy Tung, executive director of the American Lightbulbs Association, an industry group.

“There is no question that the industry needs to be more aggressive in its use of the new technology to stay ahead of the curve.”

The bulbs the president wants to see in all states are based on the same technology as those used in smart home devices, which offer up to three times more light than a typical LED bulb.

But the industry says those bulbs aren’t necessarily better for light quality because they are less efficient, use less energy and emit less heat.

“It’s time to put the consumer-centric lighting that is now the standard in the hands of the industry,” said Robert Ewing, chief executive of the Lighting Technology Association.”LED bulbs are a major advancement in energy efficiency, lighting performance and efficiency.

It’s not that the technology is better, it’s just that it is a lot more energy efficient.”

The administration’s announcement comes as the nation’s biggest lights manufacturer is expected to unveil a new bulb in 2017.

The bulb, the Bright Led Lighting, would be manufactured in China and sell for about $100, according the Wall Street Journal.

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