As the game got under way, many in the crowd started to shout out the names of the players they wanted to see in the starting XI.

They included Conor McGlynn, Joe Allen, Sean O’Brien, Conor Murray, Sam Cane and Paul O’Connell.

There was also a special mention for Kevin McLaughlin who was the first to score for the Irish.

He was the best player in the tournament.

The game had been delayed for a few hours because of rain, but it was all set to kick off when the rain stopped.

It was just another game in a long line of football games to be played in the city.

It is not an ideal time of year to be in the All Ireland Football Showplace.

It does not have the same atmosphere as a European or domestic game, and it has always been a place where a lot of people have been in a lot more trouble than they deserve.

As the day went on, there were more and more people outside the venue to shout their own names and try to get a look at the players.

There were some players who were standing in the rain, and others who were outside with their parents, their children and friends.

It did not help the atmosphere of the event that a lot people were being very rowdy, as well as being quite loud, as the weather was in the high 30s.

There is a lot to be said for the fans and the atmosphere in the stadium.

But it is also true that the game was being played in a different city to what they expected.

The crowds at the other games were in Dublin, while the All Irish football fans are in Dublin and that is the atmosphere that they are used to.

It makes you feel a bit like you are in the same country, but in the different country.

As one fan put it: The atmosphere at the games is very different from what they are accustomed to in the other cities.

It can be a little bit of a shock for some.

But for the majority, it is not.

The Irish have had a good season, and they have the chance to repeat as champions of Europe this year.

The atmosphere was great on Saturday, but we all have to realise that there is more to come for the games in the coming weeks and months.

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