Lights that light up when the puck hits the net will come in handy for the goalie.

That’s because there’s no such thing as a bad image.

With all of the fancy new video technology in the sport, it’s no surprise that the NHL is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to make the best possible image.

Thats why, if your game is in the early stages, the NHL can afford to buy a pair of high-end CFLs to make sure the goalies are in the frame, even if their images are a bit blurry.

It’s also why the league will spend thousands of dollars upgrading its own equipment.

“If you are a goalie that is trying to stay up on the ice and get the puck to the net, it is a challenge to get the right lighting and to get that puck into the net,” said Scott Pylinski, NHL vice president of hockey operations.

The goalies get a boost of confidence when they are in good light.

That means that they know theyre lighting up their stick properly, and they know the lights are on when the goalie is on the puck.

“It is a confidence boost to the goalie that they can go into the zone and start moving the puck,” said Pylinkski.

A few of the lights that will light up at the NHL arena will be a bit of a departure from the standard hockey equipment.

The league will have a variety of lighting kits for the game, including the kind of lights used on hockey sticks, which are designed to simulate the puck in the net.

Some of the lighting kits will be for a variety to try out, like the ones used at the outdoor rink.

“We have a number of different lighting kits that we use, that are not as flashy as the sticks that the team wears,” said Jason Botterill, NHL assistant general manager of equipment.

Those sticks are not going to last a long time.

NHL officials will look to the best quality materials for their lighting kits.

“Youre going to have to be able to afford a lot of these lighting kits, because theyre going out for a very reasonable price,” said Botterills.

But for now, fans can look forward to some pretty cool lighting.

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