A new light coating that mimics the appearance of natural sunlight is now the best way to get rid of the ‘fake light’ that’s been plaguing smartphones for years.

The technology, dubbed MimicLight, is created by a team of researchers from the Australian National University and a British company, LightSource.

In an experiment conducted by the researchers, they found that a light-absorbing material is capable of absorbing about 85 per cent of the light that passes through it.

LightSource is also working on a light source that absorbs 99 per cent.

This new coating, however, has been developed by a company called LightSource and is based on a molecule called a diatopyrrolidone (DPP) which is naturally found in plants.

“This molecule is found in many different plants, but the most common form of DPP is found as a protein in some flowering plants,” the company explains.

A new light-sensing coating mimics natural sunlightA new material made from the natural diatopeutone (DTP) that mimicked sunlight could reduce light pollutionA new photovoltaic device uses light to power solar panelsA light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be used in smartphones, tablets and cameras to light up windows and walls.

However, these devices have been known to cause the natural light to be too bright, especially in the summer.

Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney have now created a new material that mimicks the natural sunlight, but instead of being absorbed, absorbs the energy of light from the sun.

It is called MimicLED, and it uses diatopyrene (DP) which can be found in all kinds of natural materials.

When sunlight hits a DDP molecule, the DDP molecules energy travels across the surface of the surface and is converted into electricity.

Once converted, the energy can be converted back into light to drive the LED device.

But there are drawbacks to using DDPs, which are expensive to produce and only very light absorbent.

To make a DPD-based light source, researchers at the university have developed a method to produce a thin film of a DPI molecule.

For the purpose of the study, the researchers wanted to create a light coating on top of a natural DDP layer that absorbs light, but mimics sunlight.

They coated the surface with DDP nanoparticles and placed it on a surface coated with natural DPD nanoparticles.

During the experiment, the light-reflecting material changed from reflecting sunlight to absorbing sunlight, as expected.

MimicLED works on the surface that the researchers have coated, which is a thin layer of DDP, which absorbs about 85 to 99 per a 10 nanometer coating size, and a thin coating of natural DTP, which can absorb about 99 per 10 nanometers.

Then, they created a layer of the reflective material on top and placed the reflective layer on top again.

After five years, the new coating changed the shape of the DTP and the light reflectance of the reflection, to reflect more sunlight.

The researchers then tested the technology on a real smartphone, tablet and camera.

The device was able to absorb sunlight and capture images at night, and they found it was able be used to get better photos of plants.

MimeticLED works in a similar way to how light filters on the edges of a photo, but for smartphones and tablets.

The research is still in the research stage, but researchers say it is possible that the coating could be used for a wide range of applications.

The light-controlling DDP is already being used in products like solar panels, and could be integrated into a future smartwatch, tablet or camera.

Scientists are also working to develop a similar coating that would reflect sunlight off a smartphone screen.

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