How do you make your team’s iconic logo look as if it’s been hanging in the rafters at the Superdome for decades?

That’s what the Saints are hoping to learn with a brand new logo that they’re calling “Led Bed.”

The new logo is designed to stand out and is inspired by the old logo that was used in the building’s first years.

According to the Saints, Led Bed has been the logo of the Saints since they were a team.

That first logo was made by the NFL Players Association, and was designed in response to the fact that some players felt that they were not being treated fairly by the league.

Led Bed will be unveiled in January and will include the team’s current logo and some elements of the old one.

The new logo, though, is being designed to be a one-of-a-kind look that will be part of the stadium experience.

It will be a new look that fans will have to adapt to, according to the team.

Fans will see the new logo in their homes, offices, and garages, and will also be able to see the old design in their home and on their mobile devices.

The team said that Led Bed will “provide an experience unlike anything they’ve seen before.”

They will also create a “more contemporary and engaging look for fans in a way that feels authentic to the building.”

The team has been working with a designer for the new design.

The designer is unknown, but a representative told that it is a local artist.

The Saints have not announced a price for the logo, but it will be on sale starting in the spring of 2018.

The Saints have been looking to capitalize on the Saints iconic home turf since its inception.

In 2012, the team announced plans to build a $1.3 billion home stadium.

It was supposed to be complete by 2019, but was pushed back by the recession.

In the meantime, the Saints have had to work to keep up with demand and keep the team in the Super Bowl race.

The new stadium will feature a retractable roof that can be lowered and then raised to create a roof that is 20 feet taller than the current stadium’s roof.

The team said it will also have a new locker room and concourse for the team, which will allow for a larger stadium to accommodate more people.

The stadium will also feature a new “led bed” section that is made of a white material and features LED lights that are strategically placed around the bed to light up the space.

It will also include LED lighting that can create a light show when the lights are turned on.

The brand new stadium’s design also will include LED lights, but the team said they will not use LED lighting in the new stadium because the LED lights are “too powerful and bright.”

The stadium’s LED lighting will also also include “podiums” that will have an LED light that will appear when a player is coming up the tunnel or the end zone.

The lights will also provide fans with an indication of the direction of the ball as it goes by, according the team (and the Saints said they are not doing this as a gimmick).

The stadium will be one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the NFL, according team spokesman Tom Ruhl.

The “led beds” will be installed at the end of each half of the home game and will feature LED lights.

The LED lights will not be able do anything to slow down the ball.

The stadium also will have LED lighting on the stadium concourse and stadium level.

The LED lights in the stadium will come with a rechargeable battery that will provide power to the LED beds, which can then be turned on to help keep fans in the game and on the field.

The batteries will last for several years and can also be turned off.

The technology behind the LED bed is still being worked out.

The LEDs will also give fans a visual indication of where the ball is.

The first LED bed was installed in 2006.

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