If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a dog’s collar, you’ll know it’s an intimidating and intimidating tool to carry around.

It can be intimidating for dogs that are more naturally inquisitive, and it’s even more intimidating for a dog that has never been taught how to walk a leash.

Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to make your dog comfortable in a leash-free zone.

First, be sure your dog has a leash on at all times.

Most dogs can be trained to walk on their own, but dogs that don’t know how to properly walk a dog leash should not be kept in a dog-friendly environment.

Second, if your dog’s leash is loose, put it back on.

If your dog is still too hesitant to go through the process of pulling a leash, try tying it to something that will stop him from pulling it.

Make sure your leash is not too long and is secured firmly in your dog.

Third, make sure your canine friend knows to keep their leash close to them and in a safe place.

A leash is a key element to keeping your dog safe and in your hands, and if your canine companion does not understand the leash, they will likely try to escape it.

Fourth, remember that the leash is only as good as the dog’s willingness to walk it.

Dogs that are too timid to walk their own leash are more likely to leave it on or be unable to walk away.

If a dog has learned to walk in a particular direction, then that will help with the fear they may have about losing the leash.

Lastly, if you have your dog in a room or on a leash at any time, keep it under control.

A small, solid object, like a book, can be a safe and effective way to restrain your dog while you read.

In case you need help getting your dog accustomed to a leash:

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