Led Zeppelin had some pretty rough luck in 1968 when they were asked to play in a bathroom light show.

The band had no idea what to do, so they decided to play some guitar-based songs.

They ended up going to a nearby theater where they were given a couple of sets of white sheets and were told to put them in a toilet.

It was a pretty weird experience.

The first time I saw Led Zepps’ music in person was in a small theater on the East Coast, and I was amazed at how far the band had come.

They’d had a couple shows at the time, and this was the first time they’d played in a public bathroom.

They had a guitar, a keyboard, and some string.

The next night, Led Zeppers’ frontman Jimmy Page got into the act and did his best to pull off the performance.

In his own words, he was “doing a hell of a job,” even though he was playing on the floor with a woman who was standing in the middle of the room.

You couldn’t see any of it, but Page played like a pro.

He’d been practicing since that first night, and he was pretty good, too.

But Page wasn’t the only one who was pretty bad.

The whole night was a fiasco.

When the lights went down, the bandmembers got in the bathroom, took off their makeup, and proceeded to strip off their clothes and perform with their mouths taped shut.

They then had to run to the bathroom to get a shower, which was not so nice.

I’m sure the producers thought that the whole thing was just a show and didn’t want to see any more.

When I saw Jimmy Page’s performance in the video above, I was struck by how bad it was.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Jimmy Page and others perform at a concert and just get embarrassed at the performance because it’s so much worse than they think it is.

I think they get it that they can’t make it to the stage, and it’s a little embarrassing to watch.

The video above shows how it was a little worse than I’d like to see.

As a matter of fact, I think the video is more embarrassing to me than the actual performance.

It’s an awful performance.

The audience at the concert was mostly just a bunch of guys, and the band was doing their best to show off.

I remember one woman sitting on the stage and holding her chin up to get the crowd to follow her around.

At one point, Jimmy Page gets into the bathroom and he grabs a pen and starts writing on the white sheet.

The woman sits down on the toilet and he starts writing.

Then, in the toilet, Jimmy starts to play the guitar and writes on the sheet of white paper, then he goes back into the toilet.

He puts the pen back in the bucket, and she writes again.

At that point, the audience is like, “Why did you do that?” and they’re all like, Oh, okay.

But this is the last thing they see.

They just don’t see anything.

That’s not what I would have wanted to see from a performer.

And the other thing that bothered me about the performance is that the entire crowd is just staring at Jimmy Page as he writes.

And you can tell he’s thinking, I’ll never be able to get this done.

This is the best performance I’ve ever seen from anyone.

But I think it was really, really disappointing.

The only way that Led Zeppens’ performance was a complete disaster was because they forgot to take the white sheets off the stage.

When they left the stage after that performance, the entire theater was covered in white sheets.

When Jimmy Page came back onto the stage for his second performance, he didn’t even put his pants on, but the white curtains covering the stage were covered in his pants.

It just made it impossible for him to perform.

So you have to be very careful about what you do in public bathrooms, because that’s a bad thing.

The most important thing is to make sure that everyone sees you.

If the audience can’t see you, you’re probably doing something wrong.

I know that it’s kind of a bad idea to use a bathroom at a performance, but I think most people would appreciate that.

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