You’ve got Led Zepplin to thank for bringing you the perfect night of music.

It was the Beatles who famously said that, “the lights are what you need”.

Well, it seems that Led Zeppers music has influenced many, including a few who’ve followed in the band’s footsteps.

Some of the music you’ll love are some of the most iconic of all time.

Here are some songs you may not know about, but that have influenced some of your favourite Led Zepps albums.


Led Zeepin (from ZZ Top, 1977) The Rolling Stones, John Lennon, The Beatles, John Paul Jones, The Who, The Rolling Stone, John Cougar Mellencamp, and more The Rolling Sixties Led Zeeps lyrics were written by George Harrison.

As the lead singer of the band, he sang songs like “Roll Over Beethoven” and “My Ding Dong”.

In 1977, he was released by his label Warner Brothers, who also released The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and The Rolling Thunder album.

The Rolling Sessions album The Rolling Singer’s Song was a follow-up to Led Zeptons classic 1977 album, Led Zeppa.

Led’s album was released in 1978.


The Who (from The Who LP, 1975) The Beatles and the Rolling Stones The Who are often described as one of the best rock bands of all times, but there’s a lot of truth in that claim.

The band was formed in 1969 in London.

The first album released in the United Kingdom was released that year by Mercury Records, and the second album was made in 1975.

It became a hit with the British public, and went on to sell over two million copies.

However, their second album, The Next Day, was not a hit at all.

The album had a lot going for it.

It had a rock soundtrack, which made it seem more like a rock band.

The lyrics were inspired by the real world, which was a very different environment to the Beatles’ music.

They also added an upbeat guitar riff to the song, which is also used on the Beatles classic The White Album.


John Cougabean Mellencamps (from Led Zeppo, 1968) The Who The Beatles And The Rolling Rolling Stones John Cougs band name is derived from the word “Cougabane”, which means a creeper.

Cougacame in the Beatles band in 1967, and they were formed in 1968.

The songs that they released included “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “The Girl I Love” and many others.

They played the London clubs during the Summer of Love, and were known for their fun-loving, dance-friendly sound.


Led Zep (from Live, 1970) The Stones The Beatles The Rolling Doors Led Zepping in 1973 The Rolling Zeppo album was the band to have the biggest impact on the UK’s popular music scene, which included the likes of The Beatles.

The group’s songs were known to get people dancing, which lead to a boom in popularity.

The Beatles were not the only ones who influenced Led Zeppy.

The Stones’ song “Lovin’ Tonight” also influenced Led Zeps music.


The Band (from Who LP (1965), The Rolling Strangers The Rolling Eagles The Who Band and Led Zeplin were both created by the Rolling Sixty’s, who were the band with the most hits on the British charts at the time.

They released their first album, Who’s That Guy, in 1965, and their second, The Band, in 1966.

The song “Stuck in Time” became the theme of the Rolling Zeppin album, which had some pretty wild ideas.


The Eagles (from A Day in the Life, 1964) The Clash, The Smiths, The Pixies, Fleetwood Mac, Fleetfoot, The Doors, and many more The Clash Led Zeggin’s song “Sucker” became a classic on their first record, A Day In The Life.

The track had a punk feel, which helped the band get their act together, and was a hit in the UK.

Fleetwood had also come to fame in the 1970s.

They were on the verge of breaking up when they wrote the song “Till It Happens To You”.

The song has become a classic in the music world, and has become an iconic part of the Clash’s history.


The Smith (from Why Don’t You Dance?, 1965) The Byrds The Rolling Wheels Led Zefflin’s band name means “Laid back”, and the band formed in 1965.

Led is a play on the word ‘leisure’ and the word is derived directly from the Latin word for ‘rest’.

The band’s songs included the songs “What a Feeling” and the track “All of Me”.


Fleetfoot (from Love Is

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