It is an idea that is being trialled in some of the biggest homes in the world.

The lights in these homes have a tiny LED light bulb embedded in them.

These bulbs are small, but they are still bright enough to be used in the bedroom or kitchen. 

And these tiny bulbs are getting bigger and bigger. 

“The number of LED bulbs in the home has exploded in the past 10 years,” says Andy Gossett, managing director of Bright Lights in Homes at GreenTech, an LED company. 

It is this surge in demand that led GreenTech to create its LED Lighting Products division in 2013. 

This division now sells products for all major brands, including Philips, LG, Sony, and others. 

The LED lighting products division is also expanding.

“The demand for LED lighting is exploding and this is why we have a big division to provide solutions for this,” says Gossetts. 

One of the products that Gossets is working on is a product for small home users called the LED LED Lamp.

The bulb has been designed to fit into small spaces that are less than 30 sq ft, and can be easily mounted onto a door.

The lamp can also be used for light control in a room with a ceiling fan. 

For small home owners, the LED Lighting products division also sells LED Lighting Lights for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. 

Gossett says there are two main applications for the product.

First, as they are light-producing fixtures that are very easy to install, these bulbs are ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Second, they are ideal as lighting solutions in bedrooms. 

GreenTech is now working with other manufacturers to develop the LED Lights for bedrooms. 

  There are many home automation products, but most of them are bulky and difficult to install. 

 “With the advent of the SmartThings platform, manufacturers can now easily integrate smart home systems with their existing lighting systems,” says GreenTech CEO and co-founder Dan Dye. 

But the key for smart home manufacturers is that they must integrate the smart bulbs into existing lighting that already has an LED Lighting Product in place. 

Dye says that when smart lighting is connected to existing lighting, the lighting in the room can automatically adjust to match the temperature of the room.

And the bulbs also have an automatic timer, so when a light is turned on, it does not have to be turned on manually. 

In this way, it is a simpler process to connect smart bulbs to existing LED Lighting Systems. 

Some Home automation products also offer an integrated circuit that enables smart bulbs in existing lighting to control and control other smart lighting devices. 

These new products, however, are very expensive. 

As the demand for smart lighting continues to grow, and the supply of LED Lighting in the market continues to expand, the need for LED Lighting Lighting Products will grow even more. 

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, one billion LED Lights will be required by 2020. 

(SOURCE: UNEP) If you would like to know more about the SmartLED Lighting Products Division of GreenTech please visit their website: Bright Lights in Home

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