The next-generation video-sharing service is rolling out on Mac and Windows.

The service, named Vevo, lets users share and share in the same space without needing to install any additional apps.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to set up Vevos, including the best way to use the new settings menu.

If you’re new to Vevoi, here’s a refresher on the basics: The interface Vevoj is very similar to Facebook’s Timeline, though it’s split into two different interfaces.

Each interface is divided into two sections: the main timeline, which displays the top 10,000 photos that you have shared and tagged as favorites, and the sidebars, which show you the current and recent activities.

The main timeline is the place to go to see the photos that your friends and family have tagged as their favorites.

The sidebar lets you see the top activity for the last week, and lets you jump between different categories of photos.

This is where you can see photos from your friends’ friends lists, or other photos that were tagged with your friend’s name.

On the main Timeline, you’ll see a bar at the top of the page with a number in the center of the bar.

This number represents the number of days that have passed since you tagged a photo, and it’s usually at least a week longer than the number at the bottom of the timeline.

On top of that, there’s also a section at the very bottom of your Timeline called “Friends” that shows the number and the friends of the people who tagged the photo.

The bottom section also displays a number that represents the total number of people who have tagged photos with your friends.

This represents how many people have tagged your photo as their favorite, and also how many of them have added it to their Friends list.

If your friend is a user, their number will show in a box next to their name, with the number next to the friends name next to theirs.

To see your friends list, go to your Friends tab in Vevois.

To access the sidebar, swipe down from the top and you’ll find the menu bar in the bottom right.

On that menu, you can swipe up to reveal a dropdown menu of options for sharing your photos.

To share a photo as favorites (as opposed to as a new image, which will only show your photos that have been tagged by someone else), swipe down and select “share.”

The sidebar menu also shows you the photos in your photo album.

If a photo is a favorite, you won’t be able to delete it, so you’ll need to tag it as your own.

You can also share the photo in the Sidebar.

You’ll also be able tap the “Share” button to see a small menu that will let you choose whether to save the photo as a Favorites or as a New Image.

You don’t have to tag the photo if you want to share it as a photo on Instagram.

If the photo isn’t your own, you will not be able share it.

If it is, you need to select “Add to my Album.”

On the new Photos tab, you’re going to find a number at its top labeled “photos,” which you can tap to bring up a menu that shows you all of the photos you have tagged with a specific name, the name of your account, the number in parentheses at the end of the number, and a date.

To delete the photo, you just tap the Edit button.

Once you’ve done this, the photo will disappear from the Photos tab.

You should also be getting a message that your photo has been added to your Photos.

This message tells you that you need permission to share the image in your Photos account.

Once this is all sorted out, you should be able access your photo by tapping the “share” button.

If everything is set up correctly, you have a photo that you can share as favorites.

You will also be given a link to edit your photo.

To remove a photo from your photo gallery, tap the image’s photo, tap “delete,” and you should see a message saying that the photo has now been deleted.

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