The new LED bulb that is making LED bulbs look like leds is actually made of mercury, and there are concerns it will cause health issues.

The Environmental Protection Agency says mercury in the mercury bulb is not a hazard.

But there are also concerns about mercury being added to LED bulbs in other ways.

We spoke with two scientists who specialize in mercury pollution, and they both say there is a lot of evidence that mercury can be added to LEDs, including through the manufacturing process.

We have a number of studies that show mercury can indeed be added through the LED bulb manufacturing process, and that’s why we have this rule that’s put in place to protect the public.

But the EPA has a problem with that because mercury is considered an essential component of the LED manufacturing process because it’s the same kind of metal that makes LED light bulbs.

So we have the EPA saying that mercury isn’t an essential part of LED manufacturing, but there is no rule about what the EPA can do.

So what you’re doing is you’re basically going from a law that says you’re not allowed to add mercury to LED lighting to a policy that says if you’re going to add it to LEDs in a certain way, then you’re also going to have to be able to get it out of the factory and get it to your consumers.

And we have two of the leading scientists on mercury in LED lighting saying that is not the case.

One of them is an associate professor of chemistry and chemical engineering at Michigan State University.

She’s a leader in the field of mercury and LED lighting, and she says mercury is not really added to the LED bulbs that you buy in the store.

And that’s where the real issue here comes in.

Because there is some evidence that if you look at other parts of the industry, and especially the lighting industry, mercury has been a major component of LED lighting for many, many years.

And mercury in LEDs has been in LED light for many years and it’s been in some LED light products for a long time.

And so you have a lot more research that’s showing that there is mercury in many LED products, and it is not going to be in the bulbs you buy at the store that you’re buying online.

And in some cases it has been found in LED bulbs from China, which is another industry that is going to continue to be affected by mercury.

So it’s not just mercury, it’s also some other chemicals that have been found.

So that’s the problem, because mercury, like lead, is also used in a lot other products in the LED lighting industry that are also in the marketplace.

So mercury is a real health risk.

But we also have this question of how long do you have to go before you’re seeing health effects from mercury exposure?

So mercury in some of these LEDs is already present in the lighting used in your home and in your business.

So how long is the safe exposure period before mercury is getting into your LED light bulb?

And I think that’s one of the challenges.

It’s kind of an open question, because there’s no way to really know for sure.

So the EPA’s policy on mercury is that it’s a major pollutant in the environment and it needs to be phased out as soon as possible.

So it’s going to take some time for the EPA to come up with an answer to that question.

And there are a number factors that are at play.

There are a lot fewer studies that have actually looked at mercury, but a lot that’s done is looking at the manufacturing processes and the materials that are used in the manufacturing of LEDs.

And so we’ve got a lot to go through to figure out the optimal time frame to phase out mercury.

But even if you do find out that mercury is present in LED lights and it has the potential to cause harm, that does not mean that you have an obligation to switch to LEDs.

The EPA says it does not regulate mercury in consumer LED lighting products.

But the fact is, if you don’t know what’s in your LED lighting product and what’s out there, then that does become an issue for you.

So if you want to use LEDs that are mercury-free, then the best advice is to choose products that are free from mercury.

But if you can afford to do that, you might want to consider a LED bulb made with LED material.

And one other issue is that, even though the EPA says that mercury does not pose a health risk to humans, there are some other issues that the EPA is saying it is taking into account.

So you’re potentially putting yourself at risk if you use LEDs with mercury-containing material.

And that’s going the EPA through the process of having a panel of experts make recommendations.

So that’s a process that’s very, very costly, and the EPA also has a rule about mercury, so that is something that’s been put in for public comment.

But so far there’s been

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