Follow these tips to make sure you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your diet.


Choose foods that have a high glycemic index 2.

Limit sugar, fats, and refined grains 3.

Get enough protein and vegetables 4.

Use fruits, vegetables, and beans 5.

Eat vegetables sparingly 6.

Be active with moderate exercise 7.

Reduce your calorie intake 8.

Limit salt intake 9.

Get regular checkups 10.

Get screened for obesity and other health problems.


Choose food that has a high glucose or fructose index, or both.

A high glycemia index is when the body can’t metabolize glucose in the blood.

A low glycemic load is when your body is able to break down fats and sugars.

This means that a person with high blood sugar can still absorb nutrients, but the body will still be metabolizing them more slowly.


Limit the amount of refined grains you eat.

This includes white bread, brown rice, pasta, chips, cereals, white potatoes, and other low-sugar grains.


Get more protein.

Protein is a key part of the balanced diet that helps keep your blood sugar levels in a healthy range.

In general, a person who eats a high-protein diet should have about 2,000 mg of protein per day, or 1,000 grams of protein.


Get the most out of your carbs.

This will include foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes, beans, nuts, and seeds.

Some types of fruits, like apples and pears, are rich in fiber.


Eat a lot of fruits.

You may have heard that fruits and vegetables have a greater nutrient density than other fruits and veggies.

However, the healthiest fruits and veg are the ones with the least amount of sugar and refined carbs.

The most nutrient-dense fruits are avocados, strawberries, and dates.


Get a daily check-up.

This is a simple way to get your blood glucose levels checked regularly to make certain you don’t have any health problems that can lead to complications.


Reduce sodium.

Salt is another nutrient that can affect your blood sugars.

The best way to reduce salt intake is to cut down on salt intake.

Some people say cutting back on salt can help prevent heart disease and strokes, as well as improve blood flow to the brain and the heart.


Limit processed foods.

Processed foods are foods that contain ingredients that are either genetically modified or contain ingredients not approved for human consumption.

Many processed foods contain sugar, fat, and trans fat, which is not good for your blood lipids.

Some processed foods also contain high amounts of salt, which can increase your risk of high blood pressure and stroke.


Limit alcohol.

It’s important to understand that alcohol can raise blood sugar.

You can lower your blood pressure by drinking moderate amounts of wine and beer, and by taking aspirin and statins.

However the safest way to lower your risk is to get regular blood tests.

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